Integrating Tech & SEL: Tech Instruction as a Mechanism for Social Emotional Learning

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Presented By: Paul Auger

The speed of technological advancement has outpaced the development of social norms to regulate (and self-regulate!) its use. You may be noticing:

  • the effects of cyberbullying in school
  • the omnipresent distraction of devices
  • tech-fatigue among staff

It’s easy to blame tech itself. But Paul Auger, MA, M.Ed, an AT specialist in Brookline, MA, Paul sees the gap in tech advancement and social evolution as an opportunity for a paradigm shift:

“Integrating technology education with social-emotional learning means using technology as a tool to help students develop socially and emotionally.”

“Technology becomes a catalyst for social emotional development.”

According to Paul, this shift is possible with minimal extra effort plus a little extra thoughtfulness. Join this incredible speaker as he discusses:

  • Seamlessly integrating SEL into instruction using tech tools (like assistive technology)
  • Effective activities for social emotional learning that have resonated with his students
  • Building relationships with technology that focus on self-awareness, personal strengths, connection, & creativity

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Note from the copywriter:

I’ve had the honor of meeting with Paul Auger on three separate occasions and I cannot begin to impart how powerful of a storyteller and speaker he is.

After each meeting, I’ve come away with an entirely new perspective (I describe it in follow-up emails to Paul as having my mind blown), and during each meeting his anecdotes have unfailingly moved me to tears. I’m not exaggerating; please trust me: you really, really don’t want to miss the absolute privilege of hearing from this incredible presenter.  -MP

About the Presenter

Paul Auger

serves as Brookline Public Schools’ Assistive Technology Specialist in Massachusetts. He has two master’s degrees, one in counseling and the second in education. He also holds Special Education Licenses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and national certification as an Assistive Technology Professional from the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America. As a doctoral student at Endicott College, Paul focuses on how Social-Emotional Learning can be incorporated into the academic curriculum, including technology instruction. Paul provides training and consultation. When not working, he enjoys flying stunt kites.