Setting a UDL Vision: Rocks and Oysters

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Presented By: Allison Posey / Loui Lord Nelson

Through storytelling, Allison Posey and Loui Lord Nelson weave together the concepts of universal design for learning, design, and learner outcomes and ask you to consider what rocks are present and how every learner is a pearl.

About the Presenter

Allison Posey

Allison participates in the development of content and materials to support the design of learning experiences to reach and engage neurodiverse learners. She leads professional development programs and opportunities to implement Universal Design for Learning and works to integrate current understandings from brain science with instructional practices. Allison is the author of Engage the Brain: How to design for learning that taps into the power of emotion (ASCD, 2018) and Unlearning: Changing your Beliefs and Your Classroom with UDL (CAST Publishing, 2020).

Loui Lord Nelson

Loui Lord Nelson, Ph.D., is a global leader in UDL implementation. A former special education teacher, she originated the role of UDL Coordinator, completed her post-doctoral fellowship at CAST, and focuses on education in low and middle income countries. Some of her publications include: Design and Deliver: Planning and Teaching Using Universal Design for Learning,Culturally Responsive Design for English Learners: The UDL Approach, and A Tree for All: Your Coloring Book of UDL Principles and Practiceplus the card game, Go Fishing with UDL. She hosts two popular podcasts: UDL in 15 Minutes and UDL Research in 15 Minutes.

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