Snap&Read: 5 Essential Supports for Executive Function

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Presented By: Stephanie Gilley

Executive function deficits—disorganization, poor time management, difficulty getting started with tasks—can keep bright learners from doing great things.  And it can be tough to know how to help!

Digital supports can empower students to stay organized, focused, and work independently, both at this point in their lives and in the future.

In this webinar, Stephanie Gilley will demonstrate the top 5 tools that support learners with executive functioning difficulties:

  • Read Aloud tools to support focus
  • Highlighting/Color Overlay/screen masking tool for help with visual tracking
  • A tool to reduce digital distractions
  • Note taking tools to help with organization
  • PDF annotation to help streamline tasks and assignments

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About the Presenter

Stephanie Gilley

Educational Support Specialist