The New uPAR — Their Path to Grade-Level Text

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Presented By: Kevin Johnston

“Eye” reading or “ear” reading—what is the path for each student to understand grade-level text?
uPAR adoption is growing because it answers this question. It helps you identify your struggling readers who can access grade-level text by listening to it read aloud (over 50% of students reading below grade-level).
Now, some significant updates to uPAR will transform how to help students access grade-level text.
In this webinar, Kevin will walk you through the new uPAR including:

  • Feedback to Students
    Feedback is given directly to the students about how they read best—helping them lead their own learning.
  • Faster Implementation
    Simpler student setup and fewer reading passages gives you more accurate data faster with less testing fatigue.
  • System Integration
    Integrates with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, NYC Schools’ login, and no setup is required with a domain license.
  • “Extra Time” Tracking
    Extra time is the most common testing accommodation. Now uPAR gives you data about the extra time needed to read independently compared to listening to text read aloud with a text reader.

About the Presenter

Kevin Johnston