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Co:Writer Spelling & Vocabulary, Translation, Speech-to-Text and Voice Typing

Co:Writer features that kickstart writing:


Co:Writer accessibility toolkit with neuron word prediction.

Neuron™ Word Prediction

Create a connection from the brain to the page with Co:Writer’s intuitive word prediction. When writing on a topic, Co:Writer automatically understands the topic area and offers topic-specific words and phase suggestions in a dynamic list.
The more you write, the more accurate Co:Writer’s word predictions become because the predictions learn as you go!

Flexible Spelling / FlexSpell®

Co:Writer supports students using the most phonetic and even inventive spellings using the right grammar and context—going far beyond spell checkers.

“I’m a very phonetic speller,” says Co:Writer user and retired AT Specialist Kathy White. “I used to spell the word elephant l-f-n-t. And there isn’t any other program out there that would catch it, but Co:Writer did.”

Animation shows the Co:Writer FlexSpell tool
Co:Writer accessibility toolkit with speech-to-text or speech recognition.

Speech Recognition / Speech-to-Text Tool

“Writing” comes in many forms, and Co:Writer transforms speech into text across platforms: Google Drive, email, and on the web.

Speak after Speech-to-Text Tool

Automatically reads back text created with the speech-to-text tool, highlighting each word as it goes to help users visually track and identify any errors.

Text-to-Speech Word Processing Tool

Reads written text aloud as students write to help with self-correction. Users can opt for spoken feedback by the letter, word, and/or sentence. Includes options to personalize voice, volume, speed, and pitch.

Co:Writer word processing animation
Animation showing the support as needed feature in Co:Writer

As-Needed Mode

Collapses the word prediction box into a small icon that users can click when they need support.

Test Mode for Assessments

Co:Writer’s Test Mode was created for students who use writing accommodations on the state assessment. Select from over 50 embedded state assessments, and Co:Writer will automatically adjust over 35 features to comply with testing accommodation requirements. Download the guide, and learn more at our blog.

Co:Writer in Test Mode Banner

Use Vocabulary

Screenshot of Co:Writer topic dictionaries search bar

Topic Dictionaries

Write about any topic—from astrophysics to zebra—with ease. Toggling on one, or several, of Co:Writer’s four million available Topic Dictionaries, sharpens Co:Writer’s word prediction by tailoring vocabulary to the topic(s) of choice.

Or create Topic Dictionaries from any selected text/content.

Momentary Topic Dictionaries

Automatically pulls in the vocabulary (including names and places) from the current webpage and brings the words into Co:Writer’s word prediction—connecting reading with writing.

Personal Word Dictionaries

Manually add personal words that may not be in the dictionary—like names, nicknames, places, streets, and even the most esoteric interests—so that Co:Writer will both recognize the spelling and include it in the word prediction box.

Support Language

Animation shows the Co:Writer Languages tool

Prediction Language Option

Change the word prediction language to either Spanish, French, German, or English (Canadian, British, and American), with speech to text capabilities included. Co:Writer will predict correct tense and conjugation.

Translate Speech in Other Languages Into English Writing

This speech-to-text option translates 25+ spoken languages into English text on the page in real time.

Translate Writing Into English

This translation option allows users to type in their first language, and Co:Writer will automatically translate it into written English in real time.

Animation shows the Co:Writer Translation tool

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