UDL Strategies to Make This School Year a Touchdown

Making a Play for UDL Banner

Easy #UDLHacks you can use right away. UDL strategies to help students with dyslexia. UDL for equitable spaces. How MTSS and UDL play oh-so-nicely together.

These are just a few of the sessions you’ll experience at our free back-to-school conference UDL TOUCHDOWNS: Making a play for all learners on September 28, 2022.

Join us for an inspiring day of talks, panel discussions, and live Q&A’s with over twenty experts in Universal Design for Learning.

You’ll learn how to use UDL principles to:

  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Promote equity in education
  • Provide better access to learning
  • Motivate and engage students in and outside lessons
  • Create equal opportunities so all students can succeed
  • Design flexible teaching and learning options
  • Implement UDL practices in the classroom

…and more, with this line-up of UDL all-stars that includes members of CAST, Andratesha Fritzgerald, Katie Novak, Gayl Bowser, and many more.

Ready to add to your UDL Playbook this year?

What you can expect on gameday: UDL Game Plans, UDL Teams, and UDL Touchdowns

Kick the day off with a keynote from Xavier Cooper, a former NFL player who founded the Everyone Learns Differently Scholarship. Xavier was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was in high school.

His experience with a learning disability inspires his advocacy work for equitable access to higher education. He’s a heartfelt and amazing speaker who’ll inspire you to remember why we do the important work of UDL.

From there, make your way to the main field of play. Take your pick! Presenters will cover topics like basic UDL strategy and planning, UDL and strategic goals, empowering all your players, voice and choice… the list goes on.

Take a look at the schedule to see what’s going down when.

We’ll also host a live panel about global adoption of UDL in education and the future of UDL. And you’ll hear several schools and districts talk about what UDL looks like for their students.

We’re excited for all the action! Reserve your seat now.