The UDL Gameplan

We kicked off the 22/23 school year by running a free, PD event with Texthelp centered around Universal Design for Learning (UDL). We’re now offering several sessions from the conference On-Demand for you to continue to explore how we can tackle obstacles in the classroom, design a play sheet to meet individual needs, and provide access to all learners.

The sessions we are bringing out of the vault will help you:

  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Promote equity in education
  • Provide better access to learning
  • Motivate and engage students in and outside lessons
  • Create equal opportunities so all students can succeed
  • Design flexible teaching and learning options
  • Implement UDL practices in the classroom and much more…
Xavier Cooper

Meet our Keynote

Xavier Cooper’s journey to serving his community was one of learning challenges, dyslexia, higher education, and playing in the NFL. By sharing his story, Xavier aims to inspire everyone to live in their truth, Identity, and sense of self worth.

“I just think differently,” says Xavier Cooper, former NFL player and founder of Everyone Learns Differently, “I want to normalize that.”

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Watch the sessions ON-Demand

Texthelper with a lightbulb

Tackling Inclusion One Strategy At a Time

Looking to reimagine the future of education with an Inclusive Mindset? We invite participants to join the authors of Inclusive Learning 365: EdTech Strategies for Every Day of the Year in this session as they discuss intentionally planning and designing inclusively, one strategy at a time so that no learner is excluded.

Texthelper with a megaphone

Setting a UDL Vision: Rocks and Oysters

Through storytelling, Allison Posey and Loui Lord Nelson weave together the concepts of universal design for learning, design, and learner outcomes and ask you to consider what rocks are present and how every learner is a pearl.

Texthelper with a checklist

Making the Play: Start with the Goal

In this session, we will discuss the critical first step to implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL): start with the goal. With a clear goal, there are countless opportunities to design with flexibility to ensure learners can get there! We will model this process using practical examples for flexible materials.

Texthelper with a trophy

Pressing for the Win: Making a Play for Equity

In the game of football, pressing is a defensive coverage that takes place when pressure is applied on the player or the team that’s in possession. Educationally speaking, making a play for equity means we must apply a P.R.E.S.S to disrupt the status quo and create a system where support is normalized and equitable outcomes are achieved. In this session participants will:

  • Have an opportunity to collaborate around UDL principles
  • Use the game of football as a method to guide information processing and visualization
  • Review tools to support planning and strategy development
  • Decide which play to “run” at the conclusion of the session
Textehelper in a graduation cap

Neurodiversity & Disability Aren't Problems, But UDL is the Solution

Higher Ed institutions have rightfully welcomed more and more diverse students in recent decades, but how can colleges welcome, support, and help each student succeed from admission to graduation? UDL-inspired design thinking can make the difference so that the great multitude of diverse students can not only survive, but thrive throughout their college journey.