New PDF reader Snap&Read and OrbitNote

How the products work

Can Snap&Read and Co:Writer be used inside OrbitNote?

Yes! With this update, the Snap&Read extension can be used inside OrbitNote for features like text to speech, translation, text simplification, color overlay and more. Co:Writer can already be used in OrbitNote for writing support inside annotations and comments.

How do Snap&Read users get started with using OrbitNote?

There are a few ways to get started with opening PDFs in OrbitNote:

  • Click the “PDF Reader” button on the Snap&Read extension
  • Open a PDF first, click the Snap&Read extension and choose “Open PDF in Snap&Read”

In both scenarios, the PDF will then open up in OrbitNote.

Once you’ve done this for the first time and signed into OrbitNote, users can open PDFs directly in OrbitNote via Google Drive, OneDrive, the web, and Learning Management Systems.

Want to know more about OrbitNote?

Existing Snap&Read + Free OrbitNote

Snap&Read +
Premium OrbitNote

OrbitNote Features

Text to speech


Text comments

Voice comments

Classroom integration

Schoology integration

Download PDF with highlights and annotations


Pictionary Dictionary

Screenshot Reader

Outlining/Study skills

Text Leveling


Screen masking

Text annotations

Pushpin annotations

Insert shapes

Freehand drawing

Built-in OCR scanning

Image to PDF

Canvas integration

(Unlimited OrbitNote Only)

D2L Brightspace integration

(Unlimited OrbitNote Only)

Insert images

Digital signatures

Split and Merge