eLearning and Reading Disabilities—Making Decisions on Read-Aloud Accommodations from Remote

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Presented By: Dr. Denise Decoste

By now you’ve experienced firsthand that Remote/eLearning is really difficult for your students who struggle with reading. With the increasing amount of independent assignments and reading, some students are:

  1. Feeling completely overwhelmed with reading comprehension-based tasks
  2. Consistently failing to complete assignments  
  3. Falling further and further behind their peers

For the large majority of these students, simple technology-based read aloud accommodations can be life changing. But first, you need to determine which students can comprehend better with those supports. And those evaluations need to be done from remote.

View the recorded conversation with PAR/uPAR author and long-time OT/AT practitioner Dr. Denise DeCoste and learn how to make better decisions on read aloud accommodations—from remote.

You’ll come away with a process to:

  1. Implement uPAR from remote (for practitioners)
  2. Determine the benefit of read aloud accommodations (by student)
  3. Collect data needed for IEP goals
  4. Involve parents in the process
  5. Run a Data-Walk showing students what they can really do!

Practitioners and school districts attending the webinar will get the opportunity to request free access to uPAR during school closures.

About the Presenter

Dr. Denise Decoste

Dr. Denise DeCoste is the co-author of PAR/uPAR, the transformative protocol that shows which students can benefit from a reading accommodation. Dr. DeCoste is an occupational therapist and a special educator with 40+ years of experience in the field of assistive technology with her doctorate focusing on using assistive technology to improve the spelling and writing development of students with severe speech and physical disabilities.