eLearning for ELLs: How to Make a Difference with the Right Tools and Strategies

Presented by: Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR, MBA / Valentina Gonzalez, MA

About the Webinar

English Language Learners are facing increased challenges in Remote/eLearning without the usual supports they have in the classroom. ELLs most often struggle with:

  1. Vocabulary – unfamiliar vocabulary reduces comprehension when reading
  2. Spelling – there are so many exceptions to every rule
  3. Grammar – subject/verb agreement, tense, word order, etc.

How can you best support ELLs so they can 1) better comprehend content and 2) effectively communicate in writing


Watch this recorded webinar with English Learning expert Valentina Gonzalez, MA of Seidlitz Education and Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR of Don Johnston Incorporated to learn strategies that make a difference for ELLs including:

  1. Changing Mindset (from ELD pull out teacher to collaborative support teacher support model)
  2. Integrating technologies that support reading, language, and vocabulary
  3. Addressing ALL areas of study and all assignments (worksheets, PDFs, Google Classroom, textbooks, quizzes)
  4. Proactively ensuring assignments are accessible (reachable, attainable, aligned, and include support)

Come see how to help unlock language and build confidence and success for your ELLs!

About the Presenter

Ruth Ziolkowski, OTR, MBA

is President at Don Johnston Incorporated. Ruth is an Occupational Therapist, a national education leader and speaker. She has acted as liaison between the assessment consortia and Assistive Technology professionals. She has been a strong student advocate for more than 30 years. Most importantly, Ruth cares deeply about supporting kids who learn differently.

Valentina Gonzalez, MA

is an Educational Consultant for Seidlitz Education. Valentina lives near Katy, Texas where she delivers professional development as well as coaches teachers on sheltered instruction and ESL strategies. She served for many years as an ESL teacher and as a language arts teacher. Her experience as an immigrant and language learner fuels her passion for advocating for English learners and supporting teachers with the best research-based, teaching methods.