Giving All Students Voice and Choice with Tech Tools—to Empower Learning Independence

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Presented By: Meg Ormiston

Over the past several years, disruption—both social/emotional and academic—has been a constant in many learners’ education.

For students with learning disabilities or who have missed a lot of instruction, the struggle to keep up with learning can show up in the classroom as apathy, behavioral issues, and/or escape into digital distractions.

Meg Ormiston, recognized by Tech & Learning as a “most influential educator of 2020,” can help.

Meg Ormiston, M.Ed. author of the NOW Classroom series

In this webinar, Meg will show how to offer Voice and Choice with technology—that is, setting a learning goal and allowing students to choose from a variety of tech tools to help them learn in a way that fits their needs, strengths, and interests.

This powerful approach can help re-engage students, make learning accessible to all learners across abilities, and foster independent learning skills with tools that will serve learners across a lifetime.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Create a learning environment that supports effective independent learning
  • Harness the power of digital tools to propel independent learning—like Co:Writer, Snap&Read, and Google tools
  • Successfully manage a group of students engaged in Voice and Choice

About the Presenter

Meg Ormiston

is often called “The Teacher of Teachers” as she delivers professional development locally, nationally, and internationally. Meg is also an award-winning author/co-author of 12 books focused on teaching and learning using digital tools. Meg has been teaching in the classroom, in auditoriums, at “Tech Camp”, and online for many years. Her upbeat presentation style will have you laughing and learning practical skills you can start using immediately.