How to Use Speech Recognition as AT for Writing

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Presented By: Daniel Cochrane / Kelly Key

Speech Recognition technology has become a ubiquitous part of life—we can ask Google to turn on the lights, dictate text messages to Siri, and even order a pizza through Alexa.

But how can we best use this technology as an accommodation for our students throughout the school year and during testing?

Daniel Cochrane and Kelly Key share the path to using speech recognition as AT for writing through a systematic process:

  1. Consider It as part of the assistive technology consideration
  2. Try It out with students using a systematic process
  3. Assess It with data to show if it works
  4. Implement It to maximize student success
Screenshot of Speech Recognition as AT for Writing

The webinar includes Daniel Cochrane and Kelly Key’s popular *and recently updated* guide to using speech recognition for writing

About the Presenter

Daniel Cochrane

Daniel is a clinical instructor in the UIC Assistive Technology Certificate Program, teaching post-professional courses on assistive technology practice in the K12 school setting.

Kelly Key

Kelly Key is an administrator for the Barrington school district in Barrington, IL. She has been in her current role for 13 years as the assistive technology coordinator and a special services facilitator for Barrington Community School District 220.