Your Inclusion Toolkit for Google and Beyond

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Presented By: Becky Young, M.A.

The most successful inclusion classrooms foster independence and a love of learning in all students. Technology often plays a big part in that success. With the right set of tools, ALL students can be independent, showcase their ideas, and work with confidence.

But, choosing the right digital tools can be overwhelming. What will be in your Inclusion Toolkit?

Join Becky Young (“TechyBecky”), Science teacher, Google Certified Educator, and educational speaker as she explains how to simplify your Inclusion Classroom toolkit using Google Classroom and beyond.

You’ll see how Google Tools including Snap&Read and Co:Writer can streamline your planning and daily lessons.

  • Screwdriver: Google Slides can be used to create, communicate, collaborate
  • Hammer: Quizlet (to build background knowledge)
  • Measuring Tape: Google Forms (to measure student progress)
  • “How-to Fix Everything Book”: Wakelet (to create multimedia collections)
  • Level: Snap&Read and Co:Writer (to provide support to all students)
  • Flashlight: Adobe Spark and Canva (to allow students to creatively spotlight their work)
  • Glue: Nearpod and Pear Deck (to build cohesive lessons that bring in collaboration and critical thinking)
  • Extras (pliers, wrenches, drill): ThingLink, etc. (extra tools that I use when needed)

There is no charge for this 60 minute webinar.

About the Presenter

Becky Young, M.A.

is a high school science educator in Illinois since 2009, and a Google Certified Educator. With the pandemic, came a shift to the 1:1 model in the district with teachers scrambling to learn how to use Google Classroom and other EdTech tools effectively. During that time, Becky began providing professional development to help teachers in her district. She is also a Wakelet Community Member, Level 2 Adobe Creative Educator, Mote Certified Educator, EdPuzzle Coach, Nearpod Certified Educator, and Screencastify Certified Master Screencaster. Becky has presented at IDEAcon and is looking forward to presenting at TWTCon 2021 this summer. You can find her on Twitter @TechyBeckyYoung.