Press Release: Don Johnston’s Curriculum Division Forges New Company, Building Wings™

Specially-Designed Literacy Instructional Materials Focus on Needs of Special Educators and Their Students Volo, IL - January 12, 2022 - Don Johnston, Inc.’s curriculum division has formed a new company, Building Wings™ to expand its comprehensive literacy curriculum to focus on the needs of teachers working with students with autism and other complex needs. Thousands … Continued

Texthelp and Don Johnston Incorporated join forces

On behalf of everyone at Texthelp and Don Johnston Inc., we are very happy to announce today that both of our companies are coming together to work as one. We have worked in parallel in the edtech sector for decades. We both support equality and inclusion of all people, especially individuals with dyslexia and many … Continued

Press Release: Don Johnston Incorporated Joins Texthelp Group

The addition of Don Johnston Inc.’s leading product suite, expertise, and skill set will expand Texthelp’s leadership in helping individuals better understand and be understood WOBURN, MA — January 10, 2022 — Texthelp, a global leader in literacy and accessibility technology, today announced that they will acquire the Education Technology Division of Don Johnston Inc., … Continued

Read, Organize, Annotate — Your 360 Degree Reading Toolkit

Snap&Read offers the following specialized features to support learners & educators: Read: Dynamic Text Leveling™: Increases the readability of text by turning difficult vocabulary into simpler language—on any webpage or PDF. Text-to-Speech: Reads text aloud, highlighting each word as it goes. Includes options to personalize voice, pitch, speed, and highlighter color. Works in conjunction with … Continued

We love what we do. Here’s why.

As we close out 2021, we’re reflecting on why learning is so valuable—why we show up every day and do what we do. This video of students answering a simple question about learning shows us why. Loading video... Connecting the dots to learning, and connecting those dots to doing, truly lies at the heart of our … Continued

How to Harness the Power of Student Self-Advocacy to Drive IEP Outcomes

Self-advocacy is commonly listed on a student’s IEP plan, and it’s a wonderful goal to include because effective self-advocacy skills can benefit students with learning disabilities across a lifetime. Take the story of Ptahra Jeppe, for example. Ptahra is a dyslexic disability rights lawyer with a fourth grade reading level. She not only made it … Continued

“What is dyslexia?” And other common dyslexia questions, answered

1. What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is widely considered to be a disorder where differences in how the brain processes information, particularly language, interfere with the ability to eye-read physical text and impact skills like working memory. Brain imaging supports this definition, though these studies haven’t definitively proved that dyslexia is caused by differences in the … Continued