5 Special Educators share their Dyslexia Stories

“She looked at me kindly and said, ‘Now I want an honest answer. Do you find reading difficult?’” For a recent dyslexia book giveaway, we asked you to share your dyslexia stories. From you we learned about the difference a single teacher can make. We read of the power of parent advocacy. We read stories … Continued

7 Reasons Dyslexia Awareness Month is Important

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! Why is dyslexia awareness just so darn important? Well, for starters, dyslexia is the most common learning disability, affecting up to 1 in 5 people. Not only that, but without the right support, dyslexia can make school and work very difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dyslexia … Continued

Meet the Former NFL Player Making a Play for Learning Differences

“I just think differently,” says Xavier Cooper, former NFL player and founder of Everyone Learns Differently, “I want to normalize that.” When Xavier Cooper was in high school, he discovered he has dyslexia, a learning disability that impacts a person’s ability to read. This realization came after a long struggle with school. Despite his teachers’ … Continued

7 ways to support executive function skills this school year

Organization, time management, working memory, self-control, stress tolerance— executive function skills are important to success at school! When it comes to executive function skills, most of us have strengths and weaknesses. Students are no exception, especially students with learning disabilities like ADHD or dyslexia. For these students, executive function challenges can really get in the … Continued

UDL Strategies to Make This School Year a Touchdown

Easy #UDLHacks you can use right away. UDL strategies to help students with dyslexia. UDL for equitable spaces. How MTSS and UDL play oh-so-nicely together. These are just a few of the sessions you’ll experience at our free back-to-school conference UDL TOUCHDOWNS: Making a play for all learners on September 28, 2022. Join us for … Continued

7 Inclusive Instagram Accounts to Follow this Summer

The students are home, the classrooms are empty, and summer is in full swing. But regardless of the time of year, inclusion is always in season. Check out these Inclusive Instagram accounts below to supercharge your feed this summer. These are some of our favorites! @the_neurodivergent_teacher Accessibility Specialist McAlister is an educator who is neurodivergent … Continued

Press Release: Don Johnston’s Curriculum Division Forges New Company, Building Wings™

Specially-Designed Literacy Instructional Materials Focus on Needs of Special Educators and Their Students Volo, IL - January 12, 2022 - Don Johnston, Inc.’s curriculum division has formed a new company, Building Wings™ to expand its comprehensive literacy curriculum to focus on the needs of teachers working with students with autism and other complex needs. Thousands … Continued

Texthelp and Don Johnston Incorporated join forces

On behalf of everyone at Texthelp and Don Johnston Inc., we are very happy to announce today that both of our companies are coming together to work as one. We have worked in parallel in the edtech sector for decades. We both support equality and inclusion of all people, especially individuals with dyslexia and many … Continued

Press Release: Don Johnston Incorporated Joins Texthelp Group

The addition of Don Johnston Inc.’s leading product suite, expertise, and skill set will expand Texthelp’s leadership in helping individuals better understand and be understood WOBURN, MA — January 10, 2022 — Texthelp, a global leader in literacy and accessibility technology, today announced that they will acquire the Education Technology Division of Don Johnston Inc., … Continued