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3 Strategies to Promote Equity in Culturally-Diverse Classrooms

Presenter: Beth Poss, Assistant Principal and SLP

You teach students from diverse cultures. Each one comes to your classroom with unique background knowledge including native language and traditions. American instructional methods and materials may be foreign to your students. How will you help all your students feel connected to the materials you teach? Beth Poss will share strategies to help you better accommodate your culturally-diverse students and help them access classroom materials through UDLAccessible Education Materials (AEM), and technology.

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Co:Writer Test Mode for Assessments

Presenter: Marci Butler, Educational Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated

Co:Writer helps you better comply with your state’s requirements around testing accommodations. In the webinar, you’ll learn about Setup/Management, Settings, Installation, Test Security, and Proof of Accommodation Use. Let’s find out what students CAN do!

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What Really Matters in Your Special Education Reading/ELA Program

Presenter: Dr. Karen Erickson

How should you use your time to elevate learning in the classroom while creating alternate assessment outcomes? Get answers at this free webinar with Dr. Karen Erickson (researcher, special educator and alternate assessment leader), Don Johnston, and educators using Readtopia. They’ll share what really makes a difference in your special education Reading/ELA Program—and how Readtopia delivers the key components of a comprehensive reading curriculum that works for students with complex needs. You’ll also hear from districts using Readtopia with their students.

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Writing as a Communication for Students Who Aren’t Ready to Write

Presenters: Carol Seibert, Literacy Consultant | Jenay Prytula, Special Education Teacher

Carol and Jenay will cover effective writing instruction and how to track writing progress in self-contained and autism classrooms using First Author Writing Curriculum. Carol will connect signs of progress to learning standards to demonstrate that these areas of growth are IMPORTANT. Jenay will share how writing transformed her own classroom, her students, and her outlook on teaching students with the most complex needs.

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uPAR – Getting Data So You Don’t Have to Guess

Presenter: Dave Butler, Educational Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated

Relying on subjective judgment, teachers are no better than chance at determining whether a student needs a read-aloud accommodation (Fuchs & Fuchs, 2001; Helwig & Tindal, 2003).

In this webinar, Dave shows how uPAR helps educators make data-driven decisions on reading accommodations, so that students can learn in the way that fits them best.

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Incorporating Life Skills Into Your Readtopia Lessons

Presenter: Torrie Turner, Educational Support Specialist at Don Johnston Incorporated

Readtopia offers a rich, engaging learning experience and is designed to help you develop core reading skills in your special education students. Now, it also offers a framework that outlines opportunities to practice and reinforce Functional Life Skills within your anchor lessons.

In this webinar, Torrie goes over the three major Life Skill Domains, the included Framework, and how to incorporate them into your Readtopia lessons.

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Learner Agency: Finding the WHY in the Age of Accountability

Presenter: Barbara Bray, Creative Learning Strategist, author and owner of Rethinking Learning

What is “learner agency”? What does agency mean for you? for your students? We tend to start with the WHAT or the HOW instead of the WHY. If we know the purpose of learning, then we are more motivated to want to learn. Learn about how you can use concepts like Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Ikigai to guide the design of your learning so you can model it for your students. Build a culture of learning based on trust so everyone has a sense of belonging. During this webinar, you will:

  1. Identify why you need to define your WHY first.
  2. Understand UDL so you can help students know how they learn best.
  3. Learn why schools are moving to personalized, competency-based education.
  4. Learn how all students can become self-directed, independent learners with agency.

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Student-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning tools can build consensus, improve AT considerations, and result in stronger programming for our students. These tools will not by themselves provide answers, but they will ensure that the whole team is asking the same questions and considering the same priorities in our planning and decision making.

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Making Google Extensions Work

Presenters: Caity Stockstell, Curriculum Integration Specialist | Barb Michalos Director, Exceptional Learners

Google extensions offer the opportunity to enhance learning, but implementation is key to getting outcomes. Caity Stockstell and Barb Michalos share their experiences implementing Snap&Read and Co:Writer Extensions, and how they sparked change within their district—providing students with technologies that would impact their lives and open up potential.

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